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J^J ^ ^ 

J J' J I r 

O we arc liie ©on- ton-net (g)8k- 

r'f J l p J [• J JN^ J 

do? \Vfe cRiDC ftll lije vwy ^^s oll)-cr (iftg. 


J' f ^ -llr r ^ 

Skll arc so Yc-rg po-litc/ Vi 

koal} 8»-way &- boot oor ple^^, »/MI 

A n^ 

 '   * \ 

orotic kg' VH.JIciJiIng 




O we ere llie <i>on- ton -net @ev 

rrJ I p J r ^ Jl-'''-' 

do ? Vlfe csaDC ftU H)e v-Y ^^e oV*"" <^*g' 

&I1 arc so vc-rg po-litc, Ve 



l&oo^lj 8k-v/d<;K^ e^-boot oor pl«x^, -M 

I > 


ofiiieic Ly \Y!H.J1«iclIinQer. 

/. 7u 










A5fP»l. L»» ''X AND 
B L 

Copyrighted rqo9 
By BuLALK Osgood Grovbr 



In bonnets so pink and so blue. 

Who told fne these wonderful stories. 

Which I tell to you. 

kL^ A > 

The Conicnts 


Who We Are 5 

How We Play 13 

Our Garden, 27 

Going to School, 35 

Hurrah for Saturday ! 41 

The Chickens, 49 

The Two Stores 57 

The Picnic, 65 

The Circus, jy 

It is Fall, 85 

Fun in the Snow, 93 

A Wish, 103 

The Sunbonnet Babies March, 104 

About the Book, . 106 

Who We Are 


The Sunbonnet Babies' Book 

"How do you do / " 

How do you do? 

I am a baby. 

I am a Sunbonnet Baby. 

How do you do? 

How do you do? 

« • 

Who We Are 

"I see a baby." 

I see a baby. 

The baby is May. 

I am the baby. 

I am May. 

See May's sunbonnet 

It is my sunbonnet. 

Do you see May ? 

Do you see the Sunbonnet Baby? 


The Sunbonnet Babies' Book 

'^See my dress I 

> f 

See my dress! 

It is yellow. 

My sunbonnet is blue. 

Do you like my yellow dress? 

Do you like my blue sunbonnet: 

I do. 


Who We Are 

"I am Molly. " 

How do you do? 

I am Molly. 

This is my blue dress. 

See my pink sunbonnet. 

I am a Sunbonnet Baby. 

Who are you? 


The Sunbonnet Babies' Book 

^^ Bow-wow I How do you doF'* 

Bow-wow! bow-wow! 
I am Jack. 
I am May's dog. 
How do you do, May? 
How do you do? 


Bow-wow! bow-wow! 

Who We Are 

"I am Molly's dog." 

Bow-wow! bow-wow! 

I am Molly's dog. 

I am Jip. 

Just hear me bark. 

Hear me say, "Bow-wow! how 

do you do? 
Bow-wow! who are you?" 


The Sunbonnet Babies' Book 


/ am Kitty. 

Am I a dog? 
No, no, I am Kitty. 
I am not Jack. 
I am not Jip. 
I am just Kitty. 

I am the Sunbonnet Babies' 

My dress is yellow. 

May's dress is yellow, too. 

May likes me. 

Jack and Jip like me. 

I like Jack and Jip. 

I like the Sunbonnet Babies. 

How We pjav 


The Sunbonnet Babies' Book 

"Run, Jack/ Run,Jip/" 

Run, Jack! 

Run, Jip! 

Molly and I will catch you. 

We are running, too. 

We will catch you. 

Run, run! 

How We Play 

"Jump for it, Jack f" 

Come, Jack. 

Come and play ball. 

I will roll the ball. 

Run for it, Jack! 

See me catch the ball. 

Jump for it. Jack, jump! 


The Sunbonnet Babies' Book 

'Now you have it, Kitty." 

Do you want to play 

ball, too, Kitty? 
We will roll it for you. 
See it go! 

Can you catch the ball? 
Run and you will catch it. 
Now you have it. 
Now you have it 

How We Play 

" We are playing dolts to-day. " 

We are playing dolls to-day. 
I have two dolls. 
Molly has one doll. 
Jip wants to play, too. 
Jip cannot play dolls. 
He can play ball. 
Run and play ball, Jip. 
You cannot play dolls. 
You are a dog. 

The Sunbonnet Babies' Book 

"Jack likes to walk with us." 

Come, dolls, we will go to walk. 
We will walk and walk and walk. 
Do you like to walk with Molly 

and me? 
Jack likes to walk with us. 
See, he wants to go now. 
He says, "Bow-wow! bow-wow!" 
He says, "May I go? may I go?" 

How We Play ig 

Yes, Jack, you may go with us. 

But don*t run. Jack. 

The dolls don't like to have you 

They don't like to have you bark. 
Will you be a good dog, Jack? 
You say, ''Bow-wow! bow-wow!" 
You want to say, " I will be good. 

I will be good." 
Yes, dolls. Jack will be a good dog. 
He will not run. 
He will not jump. 
He will not bark. 
Will you. Jack? 
"Bow-wow! bow-wow!" 

The Sunbonnei Babies' Book 

"Say 'How do you do?' Dolly." 

How do you do, mamma? 

I have come to see you. 

Dolly is with me. 

She has a pansy for you. 

Say "How do you do?" Dolly. 

Give mamma the pansy. 

Do you like pansies, mamma? 

Dolly and I do. 

How We Play 

"They see a big dog." 

Molly and Dolly have said good- 

by to mamma 
They are going home. 
But, oh, they see a big dog ! 
The dog barks and barks. 
He runs and jumps. 
Molly and Dolly are running, too. 
They don't like this big dog. 

•22 The Sunbonnet Babies' Book 

Molly is frightened. 

Dolly is frightened. 

See them run. 

Poor little Molly. 

Poor little Dolly. 

How frightened they are. 

The dog does not want to 
frighten them. 


He wants to play with them. 

He likes to run and bark. 

He likes to jump. 

Do not be frightened, Molly. 

Do not be frightened, Dolly. 

Dogs like to say, Bow-wow! bow- 

How We Play 

"Look at the boys playing ball." 

Look, Molly, look at the boys! 

They are playing ball. 

Jack is playing, too. 

One boy is jumping for the ball. 

He will catch it. 

What fun they are having! 

I want to play with them, Molly. 

Don't you? 


The Sunbonnet Babies' Book 


The boys want to play." 

We can play ball, too, May. 

See, I have a ball. 

Jack will play with us. 

He will catch the ball for us. 

He likes to play ball. 

I guess the boys want to play. 

They are looking at us. 

Come on, boys. 

Come and play ball with us. 

How We Play 

"I can see you. " 

May: Let's play hide-and-seek. 
Molly: You may be "It," May. 

I will run and hide. 
May: One, two, three. 

Look out for me! 
Molly: Come on. May. 
May: Where are you, Molly? 

Oh, I can see you! 

You are by the big tree. 

I will catch you. Look out! 

Th« -Sl*nbonnet Babies' Book 

Two little girls are hard at play, 
One is Molly and one is May. 

Two little dogs jump and run. 
Jack and Jip say, "Oh, what fun!" 



The Sunbonnet Babies' Booh 


We must plant our garden." 

We cannot play to-day. 

We have so much to do. 

We must plant our garden. 

It is a big, big garden. 

We have sweet peas to plant. 

We have pansies to plant, too. 

We must plant them all to-day. 


Oh, how much we have to do! 

Our Garden 

Do the sweet peas look like us?" 

Hurrah for our garden! 
Hurrah for the flowers! 
They have grown very fast. 
Mamma thinks the sweet peas 

look like Sunbonnet Babies. 
She says they are sunbonnet 

Do you think they look like us? 
Can you see their sunbonnets? 
We can. 


The Sunbonnet Babies' Book 


The pansies have happy faces. " 

Little pansy flowers, 
Nodding in the sun, 

Have you feet like ours? 
Can you jump and run? 

The pansies' feet are the little 

The pansies cannot walk nor 

jump nor run. 

Poor little pansies! 

Do you think they are happy ? 

They have happy faces. 

Our Garden ji 

Yes, the pansy flowers are happy. 

They do not want to run and 

They do not want to play. 

They like to grow in the garden. 

They like to live in the sun. 

The 'pansies smile at the Sun- 
bonnet Babies. 
They smile at every one. 

They like to have the Babies 
pick them. 

They nod and nod to them. 

Pansies can see inside the Babies' 

They can see the Babies' faces. 


The Sunbonnet Babies' Book 


See the pretty sweet peas 
Growing in the sun; 

How they Uft their faces up, 
Laughing every one, 

So the sun may peep inside 

Their pink bonnets, big and 

wide. • 

Our Garden 



See the little maiden, 
Happy in her play. 

Sitting there among the peas 
We can hear her say: 

"Oh, you must not peep inside 

My sunbonnet, big and wide." 

The Sunbonnet Babies' Book 

"Go away, bumblebees/" 

Look at our sweet peas. 
There are bumblebees in them. 
What are we going to do ? 
We cannot pick flowers with 

bumblebees in them. 
Go away, bumblebees, go away! 
These are our sweet peas. 
Go away! 

Going to School 

j6 The Sunbonnet Babies' Book 


Here we are, Katie. 


We are going to school to-day. 

Katie is going with us. 

There she is now. 

She is coming for us. 

Here we are, Katie. 

May has a new slate. 

It is a big one. 

It is like yours, Katie. 

I am going to have a slate, too. 

Mamma says I may. 

Going to School 

"You must run home. Jack." 

What are you here for, Jack? 
What does he want. May? 
He wants to go to school. 
He thinks he can go with us. 
Will you be a good dog, Jack ? 
You will bark in school. 
I know you will. 
No, you must not go with us. 
You must run home. Jack. 
Go home, go home! 

j3 The Sunbonnet Babies' Book 

"Six little boys and girls. " 

Just see the boys and girls! 

There are one, two, three little 

There are one, two, three little 

There are one, -two, three, four, 
five, six little boys and girls. 

They all have books. 

They are reading about the Sun- 
bonnet Babies. 

Molly and May are reading, too. 

Can you see Molly and May? 

I can. 

Going to School jg 

" We will read to you. " 

School is done. 
We are home again. 
We Hke to go to school. 
See our little book! 
We can read in it. 
We can read all about the Sun- 
bonnet Babies. 
Do you want to hear about them ? 

We will read to you. 
This is what it says. 

The Sunbonnet Babies' Book 

One little, two little, three little 

Four little, five little, six little 

Seven little, six little, five 

little Babies. 
Four little, three little, two little 

One little Sunbonnet Baby. 

Hurrah for Saturday! 

^2 The Sunbonnet Babies' Book 

To-day is Saturday. 

There is no school on Saturday. 

We can play all day. 

What a good time we will have! 

We can hunt daisies and butter- 

We will fill our baskets with the 
yellow flowers. 

We will be little flower girls. 
We will make daisy chains. 

Then we will play hide-and-seek 

among the flowers. 
Oh, we can play all day. 
Hurrah, hurrah for Saturday! 

Hurrah for Saturday 

"See how long it is!" 

I have made a daisy chain for 

you, May. 
See how long it is! 
I made it of big white daisies. 
They make a fine chain.^ 
I will put it on you. 
The daisies look pretty on your 

yellow dress. 
I guess they like to be made into 

a chain. 
Let's make a chain for mamma 

The Sunbonnet Babies' Book 

"Who will buy our buttercups^" 

Buttercups, buttercups! 
Who will buy our buttercups? 
Who will buy our daisies ? 
Come, boys! Come, girls! 
Come buy our pretty flowers. 
Do you all like butter? 
Buttercups will tell you. 
Here they are. Come and buy! 
Come and buy! 

Hurrah for Saturday 




4-6 The Sunbonnei Babies' Book 

"It is fun to pick strawberries." 

Just see all these strawberries! 

What fine ones they are! 

We must fill our basket with 

We want them for our party. 
Oh, how good they will be! 
Papa says we may pick all we 

It is fun to pick strawberries. 
It is fun to eat them, too. 

Hurrah for Saturday 

"The Sunbonnet Babies' Party." 

Here we are at the party. 
Three Httle girls and three little 

It is a Sunbonnet Babies' party. 
See what good things we have 

to eat. 
Don't you wish you had some ? 
We cannot give you any. 
It is all for us. 
This is our party. 

48 The Sunbonnet Babies' Book 

Good-night, papa! 

Molly and I are so tired. 

But we are happy. 

Shall we tell you what we have 

done to-day? 
We have picked daisies and 

We have made daisy chains. 
We have played we were little 

flower girls. 
We have picked strawberries. 
And we have had a Sunbonnet 

Babies' party. 
Now we must go to bed. 
We are so tired. 
Good-night, papa, good-night! 

The Chickens 

The Sunbonnet Babies' Book 

"Are you all here?" 

Good-morning, little chickens. 

Are you all here ? 

Let me see. 

One, two, three little white chick- 

One, two, three, four, five, six little 
yellow chickens. 

Six and three are nine. 

Yes, you are all here. 

What funny little yellow and 
white balls you are! 

The Chickens 5/ 

Can you guess what I have, Uttle 

chickens ? 
Come and see what it is. 

I know you will like it. 

It is something to eat 

It is something good. 

It is bread and milk. 

Mamma gave it to me. 

I will give some to you. 

I like bread and milk. 
I think you like it, too. 
You are eating it all up. 
You must not have any more. 
If you do there will not be any 
for me. 

§2 The Sunbonnet Babies' Book 

"Poor little chickens I" 

Go away, dog, go, go! 

Don't run for my chickens. 

Don't bark at them so. 

Oh, how you are frightening them! 

Poor little chickens! 

They do not like to play with 

Dogs are so big and run so fast. 
They do not like to hear you bark. 
They think you want to eat them. 
Just see them run! 
Go away, go away, dog! 

The Chickens 53 

"It is fun to hunt for eggs. " 

See how many eggs I have. 
I found them in the barn. 
The hens did not want me to 
have their eggs. 

They hid them, but I found them. 

The eggs are big. 

There are six of them. 

It is fun to hunt for eggs. 

I am going to hunt for some more. 


The Sunbonnet Babies' Book 

'^u^-.. ; 

•»!• - • 

''I have made some mud pies. 


Come here, May. 

I have made some mud pies. 

I want you to see them. 

They are fine pies. 

I put corn in them. 

They are baking in the sun now. 

They are almost done. 

We will give them to the chick- 

Mud pies are good for chickens. 

The Chickens 55 

"Come quick, chick, chick 1" 

Chick, chick, chick! 

Here is something good for you. 

Come quick, Uttle chickens. 

Mamma hen will eat it all. 

Chick, chick, chick! 

Here are mud pies for you. 

Here are pies with corn in them. 

Corn makes mud pies good. 

Come quick, chick, chick! 

$6 The Sunbonnet. Babies' Book 

"Ten of us all in a row." 

Oh, we are the Sunbonnet Babies, 
Shy Httle maidens are we. 

Our faces we hide in our sun- 
bonnets wide. 
So no one our faces may see. 

Yes, we are the Sunbonnet Babies, 
Ten of us all in a row. 

We think it is fun to sit in the 
Swinging our feet just so. 

The Two Stores 

S8 The Sunbonnet Babies' Book 

Papa is going to the store. 

He is going to drive Tom. 

He says we may go with him. 

He says we may drive. 

We like to drive. 

What a good time we will have! 

Come quick, May. 

We must get our sunbonnets. 

I cannot find my sunbonnet. 

Do you know where it is, May? 

Oh, I left it in the garden. 

I will run and get it. 

We must be quick. 

Papa will go. 

Papa will go. 

The Two Stores 

"Get up, Tom I" 

Just see me drive. 

I know how to do it. 

This is the way I drive. 

Get up, get up, Tom! 

We are going to the store. 

Get up, get up! 

Tom likes to go fast. 

He Hkes to have me drive him. 

Don't you, Tom ? Get up, get up! 


The Sunbonnet Babies' Book 

"Our dolls can walk." 

See what papa has given us. 

Just see these two fine dolls! 

Papa got them here at the store. 

They are ours now. 

They can walk just as we can. 

They can talk, too. 

They can say **papa." 

They can say ''mamma." 

Oh, what fine dolls they are! 


The Two Stores 6i 

May drove to the store. 

Molly will drive home. 

They like to drive Tom. 

They like to drive fast. 

They are ' going by the school- 
house now. 

To-day is Saturday. 

They do not go to school Satur- 

Now they are almost home. 

They will tell mamma all about 

their drive. 
They will tell her about the store. 
They will tell her about the dolls. 
What fun the little girls will have 

playing dolls! 

62 The Sunbonnet Babies' Book 

Molly: Let's play store, May. 

May: Yes, let's have one like the 
big store. 

Molly: I will be the storekeeper. 

You must come to buy. 
May: What wiU you have in the 

store, Molly? 
Molly: I will have apples and 

strawberries and pretty posies. 
May: We wiU get pansies and 

sweet peas from our garden. 

Molly: I must go and make the 

store now. 
May: I will go and tell mamma 

about it. 

The Two Stores 


^^Good-morning, Miss Storekeeper. 


May: Good-moming, Miss Store- 

Have you strawberries to-day? 
Molly: Yes, I have some fine ones. 

They are five cents a basket. 
May: That is not very much. 

I will take two baskets. 

Molly: Two baskets will be ten 

May: Here are ten cents. Good-by. 

64. The Sunbonnet Babies' Book 

Molly: I see mamma coming. 

She is coming to my store. 

Good-morning, mamma. 
Mamma: Good-morning, Miss 


I want some big red apples. 
Molly: I have just what you want. 

See what fine apples these are! 

You can have two for a cent. 

Mamma: Are they sweet apples? 

Molly: Yes, they are very sweet. 

Mamma: Then I will take four. 

Molly: Four apples will be two 

Mamma: I like your storc. 

I will come to it every day. 


The Picnic 



The Sunbonnet Babies' Book 

"Hurrah for the picnic/" 

We are going on a picnic. 

We are going to stay all day. 

Six Sunbonnet Babies, two big 
baskets full of good things to 
eat, and Jack and Jip. 

We are all going on a picnic. 

Don*t you wish you were going? 

Hurrah, hurrah for our picnic! 

The Picnic 


"Make us go higher." 

Make us go faster, Katie. 

Make us go higher. 

It is fun to go so fast. 

It is fun to go so high. 

We Hke to go up into the trees. 

The Httle birds Hve there. 

We Hke to swing up high, up high. 

It is fun, fun, fun! 

The Sunbonnet Babies' Book 

"Ring around the roses.' 

"Ring around the roses, 

A pot full of posies. 

The one who stoops last 

Shall tell whom she loves best." 

The Picnic 


Whom do you love best? " 

See us go dancing, dancing away, 

Six little babies, happy and gay. 

Ring around the roses, see how 
we go. 

This way, that way, tip, tip, toe. 

Six little babies merrily sing, 

Six little babies stoop in a ring. 

Whom do you love best? Tell 
right away! 

Katie stoops last; Katie must say. 

70 The Sunbonnet Babies' Book 

"Come, fishie; come, fishiel" 

Come, fishie; come, fishie! 

Come bite our hooks. 

There is something good on our 

Come and see what it is. 
We want you for our picnic 

You will make a fine dinner. 
Why don't you bite ? 
Come, fishie; come, fishie! 
Come bite our hooks. 

The Picnic 

Oh, oh, Molly has tumbled into 

the water! 
The fishes will eat her up. 
What shall we do ? 
We must get her out quick. 
Jack and Jip will get her. 
Run, Jack! Run, Jip! 
Molly has tumbled into the water. 
You must get her out for us. 


The Sunbonnet Babies' Book 

"Poor little Molly/ 


Poor little Molly! 
You are wet and frightened. 
Don't be frightened any more. 
You are out of the water now. 
Tell us what you saw down there, 

Molly ? 
Did you see the little fishes? 
Why didn't you catch some for 

our dinner? 

The fishes will not bite our hooks. 

The Picnic 



Catch it. May I" 

Let's play ball. 

Then Mollys wet dress will dry 

in the sun. 
We must all stand in a row. 
Molly may throw the ball. 
We will see who can catch it 
Catch it, Katie! 
Catch it, May! 
Catch it, quick, quick! 

74 The Sunbonnet Babies' Book 

Where has the ball gone? 

We cannot find it. 

It must be by the bumblebees 

Yes, there it is. 

And just see the bumblebees! 

They do not like it. 

They are flying all around. 

They go bumble, bumble, bumble! 

Oh, oh! they are coming for us. 

They will sting us. 

They will sting us. 

We must run as fast as we can. 

We must get away from them. 

Bumble, bumble! 

Run, run! 

The Picnic 


"We like watermelons." 

It is dinner-time, dinner-time! 
Let's have our dinner right here. 

Help me Hft this basket, May. 

It has a big watermelon in it. 

I like watermelons, don't you? 

Now we must get the other bas- 

It is full of things to eat. 

We are going to have a good 

^6 The Sunbonnet Babies' Book 


"We can eat all we want." 

Now we can eat. 

We can eat all we want. 

See, the little birds want some. 

Come, little birds! 

Here is some bread for you. 

You may have some watermelon, 

We will give you a picnic dinner. 
Oh, this is a fine dinner! 
We like to go on a picnic. 

The Circus 


The Sunbonnet Babies' Book 

Molly: There is a monkey in our 

yard. Come and see him, May. 

May: Why! he is with a hand- 
organ man. 

They came from the circus. 
Molly: See, the monkey is taking 
off his cap to us. 
He wants us to give him some- 

May: I am going to give him my 

five cents. 
Molly: Yes, give it to him, 

May: Here, Httle monkey, 

here are five cents. 
Molly: What will you do 

with them, monkey? 

The Circus 79 

May: Look, he has given the five 

cents to the hand-organ man. 
Molly: Now he is running up the 

man's back. 

He is taking off his cap again. 
May: What a funny Uttle man he 

is, Molly! 
Molly: Come here, monkey; I will 

give you an apple. 

Do you like apples? 
May: Here are two apples. 

One is for you and one is for 

the man. 
Molly: Papa says he will take us 

to the circus to see you. 
May and Molly: Good-by, funny little 

monkey, good-by. 

8o The Sunbonnet Babies' Book 

May: Oh, this is the circus, Molly! 

We are at the circus. 
Molly: What funny things there 

are here! 
May: See all these monkeys. 

Here is a house full of them. 
Molly: They are all talking, too. 

What do you think they are 

talking about, May? 
May: I don't know, Molly. 
Molly: I wonder if our monkey is 

May: Let's scc if we can find him. 
Molly: I would like to give him 

this apple. 

He likes apples, you know. 


The Circus St 

Molly: My, whai 

elephant ! 

See him lool 
May: I guess he 

something t( 
Molly: He will I 

us, will he? 

May: Oh, nO, IV 

He wants 

apple, that i; 
Molly: Then I w 

it to him. 

I cannot find 

our monkey 

to give it to. 
May: My, what a 

big elephant ! "My, what a Ug elephant/- 


The Sunbonnet Babies' Book 

"How do you do, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Thumb?" 

May: Here are Mr. and Mrs. Tom 

Molly: How little they are, May! 

We are as big as they are. 
May: They look just like a boy 

and girl dressed up. 
Molly: But they are a little man 

and woman. Papa said so. 
May: I wonder if we may talk to 

them. I would like to. 

The Circus 8j 

May: How do you do, Mr. and 

Mrs. Tom Thumb? 

We are two Sunbonnet Babies. 

Molly: Yes, we are Molly and May. 

We have come to the circus 
to see you. 

May: We want to know why you 
are so little. 

Do you like to live in a circus? 
Molly: We should not like to live 

with elephants and monkeys. 
May: I am glad we don't have to 

live with them. 
Molly: Come, May, we must go. 

There is so much to see. 
May: Good-by, Mr. and Mrs. Tom 

Thumb, good-by. 

84 The Sunbonnet Babies' Book 

Molly: "Up in a b 

loon, boys, 

Sailing round t 

May: Just see Molly 

and me. 

See what we 

are in. "'^P '" " ballam, boys/' 

Molly: We are in a big balloon. 
May: We are going high up in 

the sky. 
Molly: We are going almost up 

to the moon. 
May: How little the circus looks! 
Molly: Oh, this is fun! 
May: "Up in a balloon, boys. 

Sailing round the moon!" 

It is Fall 

86 The Sunbonnet Babies' Book 

"We must help pick the apples." 

Papa is picking the apples. 
He wants us to help him. 
We must fill this big basket. 
Then papa will take it to the 

barn for us. 
The apples will freeze if we do 

not pick them. 

// is Fall 


"Let's catch all the leaves we can." 

Hurrah for the yellow leaves! 

How fast they are coming down! 

Let's catch all we can of them. 

Let's make a big pile right here. 

Then we can run and jump in 

That will be fun. 

We like the fall. 

We like to pick apples and play 

in the leaves. 


The Sunbonnet Babies' Book 

"Kitty likes to be covered all up." 

What a good time Kitty is having! 

She Hkes to play in the leaves. 

How high she jumps! 

How fast she runs! 

Let's cover her with the leaves, 

She thinks it is fun to be covered 
all up. 

She likes to have us play with her. 

I know she does. 


It is Fall 8g 

Where are you, Kitty? 

Where have you gone ? 

We cannot find you anywhere. 

We must hunt for you. 

Oh, there you are! 

You were hiding down in the 

You were all covered up. 
Now you have run up the tree. 
You think we cannot see you, 

But we can see you. 

You cannot hide away from us 

You are way up in the top of 

the tree. 
Come and play with us down here. 
Come on, Kitty, come! 

go The Sunbonnet Babies' Book 


Where are you flying so fast, 

pretty birds? 
Why are you going 

Don't you Hke our 

trees now 
that the 
No, little '^^ ^^ leaves 

girls, we i are 



cannot stay. ^>^ gone? 
We must go with 

the pretty leaves. 
We must go where it is warm. 
Cold winter is almost here. 
So good-by, little girls! 
Good-by, singing birds, good-by! 

// (5 Fall 

The flowers have gone to bed. 
They will sleep all winter. 
The snow will come and cover 

It will keep them w 
It will keep the roo 

the trees warm, 1 
They cannot freeze. 
The flowers and r 

have a good bed 
But we should not 

their bed. 
We should not lik( 

sleep all winter. 
We like to play in wi 
It is fun to play in 

the snow. 

g2 The Sunbonnet Babies' Book 

It is cold, cold, cold! 

Winter is almost here. 

The apples are all in the barn. 

They cannot freeze in the barn. 

There are no flowers in the gar- 
den now. 

The sweet peas and pansies have 
gone away. 

There are no strawberries. 
The leaves are gone from the 

The yellow birds are gone, too, 

but the snowbirds are here. 
They will be with us all winter. 
Poor little snowbirds ! 
Why do they stay? 
It is so cold, cold, cold! 

Fun in the Snow 

g^- The Sunbonnet Babies' Book 

It is snowing! It is snowing! 

We can have a snowball battle 
with the* boys. 

Look, they are making a snow 

It is going to be a fine one. 

We must help them. 

We can roll big balls of snow for 
the fort. 

Then we must make lots of snow- 
balls to throw. 

The snowballs must be big and 

The snow fort must be high. 

We are going to have a big battle. 

Oh, we like to have it snow! 

Fun in the Snow 

Hurrah for the snowball battle! 
Hurrah for the fun! 
Throw, throw, throw! 
Just see the balls fly. 
How big they are! 
Snowballs don't frighten us. 
We like to see the big balls 

We like the fun. 
Hurrah, hurrah for the snowball 

battle ! 

9^ The Sunbonnet Babies' Book 

"Come and see what I have, snowbirds." 

Come here, little snowbirds. 
Come and see what I have. 
There is something in this basket 

for you. 
I think you will like it. 
You cannot guess what it is, so 

I will tell you. 
It is something to eat. 
See, it is some of my breakfast. 
Come quick and you shall have 


Fun in the Snow g/ 

Do you like bread crumbs, little 

birds ? 
Here are some big crumbs for you. 

Don't be frightened. 

I like pretty birds. 

I will give you a good breakfast. 

Your little feet must be cold. 

You are standing on the cold 

Tell me where you live, snowbirds. 

Can you find your breakfast 
every day? 

If you will come to me I will 

give it to you. 
I will give bread crumbs to all 

the snowbirds. 

We will have a snowbirds* party 
every morning. 

g8 The Sunbonnet Babies' Book 

Molly: Come on, May, lets make 
a snow-woman. 

May: Oh, yes, Molly, lets make 
a big snow-woman. 

Molly: The boys are making a 
snow-man. Do you see him? 

May: Yes, and he looks just like 
papa, Molly. 

Molly: We will make our snow- 
woman to look like mamma 

May: Lets make her right here; 
there is so much snow. 

Molly: We must roll three balls 

of snow. One big ball, one 

not so big, and one little ball. 

May: What a jolly time we will 

Fun in the Snow 

Molly: My ball is so big I cannot 
roll it any more. Look, May, 
it is almost as big as I am. 

May: So it is, Molly. We must 
put my ball on your ball now. 

Molly: Then we must make a 
little ball. 

May: What a fine snow-woman 
we are going to have! 

Molly: See, she is almost done. 

The Sunbonnet Babies' Book 

"It looks fine on you." 

Molly: Hello, snow-woman! 
May: Do you like to stay up all 

night ? 
Molly: I guess you were glad to 

have morning come. 
May: Here is my blue sunbonnet. 

It will keep the sun from your 

face. It looks fine on you. 
Molly: Now good-by, snow-woman. 

We must be off to school 

Fun in the Snow 

"Poor old snow woman J" 

May: Oh, where is the snow-man ? 

Molly: Where is our snow-woman ? 

May: They were here yesterday. 
Where have they gone? 

Molly: I wonder why they did not 
tell us they were going away. 

May: They have taken the snow 
with them. It is all gone. 

Molly: We cannot make a snow- 
woman again. The boys can- 
not make a snow-man. 

May: No, there is no snow. 

102 The Sunbonnet Babies' Book 

M?//)/.- Poor old snow- woman! She 
forgot to take her sunbonnet. 
See, here it is. 

May: What will she do without it? 

Molly: We must find her, May. 

May: Yes, Molly, we must take 
her sunbonnet to her. 

Molly: Where do you think she 

can be ? 
May: We must look everywhere 

for her. We must hunt and 

hunt until we find her. Lefs 
go now. 

Molly: Good-by, we are going away. 

We are going to find our snow- 

Molly and May: Good-by, gOOd-by! 

A Wish loj 


I wish I were a Sunbonnet Baby, 

With nothing else to 
But just to Hve in Story- 

And play a whole book 

Oh, what a jolly time I'd have, 

Within my bonnet hid. 

While watching other girls and 


Read all the things I did 

104 The Sunbonnet Babies' Book 


Qtiitt/atl. Waul* aod Vimc by W. H. MnttUHOBB. 

I. All throogh the world we wan - der, 

3. Bach morn - tag when you wak • en, 

cross the sea and land. And ev • ei 

rise in bap - py mood. For all <£ thoae 

chil - dren To join our hap - py band. Onr 
round you Can work best when you're good. And 

' my's growing big - ger. But there's a place for 
this you must re - mem • ber, As each day is be- 

yon. So come a - long and join os, Well 

guo, That an - y work is eas - y When 

C^yriglU, 1901, ^ W. H. fMHiHgtr. 

The Sunbonnet Babies' March los 


A little girl that I once knew 
Read this book completely through; 
Read it every word, and then 
Read it all right through again/ 







*To you wlyo rj^^ve tc&cI eJl our d^o-rics. 

rrJ l r Jp J J l ^ -I' -I 

one. Tor pW'tng tvillj go" ">e^ '^^'^ W^ ">''<>' 

J J J j-f i r'r ^m 


o' we all live jip & took, J\nJi pla>^ 

bjvp-py we, (Mid Ojs^ r^v^y-be, ens 


\{os &ocIy vc-rv de -light- fol fur). 

vril^ - otft 

«\n-y noise. 




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